The project

The Team

The BOUNCE Support Office Team is based in Brussels, Belgium at the Directorate General Security and Prevention of the Federal Public Service Home Affaire of Belgium. It is composed of Anneleen Van Cauwenberge (project coordinator) and Julie Feremans (project manager).


The STRESAVIORA II project (co-funded by the ISF of the European Commission) was concluded on 31 March 2018 after 2,5 years. In this stage the BOUNCE tools were disseminated in 10 European pilot cities. During the first phase of the project (2013-2015), the BOUNCE tools had been created.


The BOUNCE tools are based on a research report of Thomas More University College. During the second phase of the project, a research team of Ghent University evaluated the trainings that were undertaken in the project's 10 pilot cities.

The Partners

The BOUNCE project is coordinated by the Federal Public Service Home Affairs of Belgium. It works with several partner organisations: RadarAdvies (the Netherlands), the European Forum for Urban Security (France), Arktos vzw (Belgium) and Ghent University (Belgium).

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