After the success of STRESAVIORA (2013-2015), funded by the EU and coordinated by the FPS Home Affairs, and the final European dissemination conference that was held on the 4th of December 2014 in Brussels, local, regional, national and European experts expressed the need for a broader implementation of the resilience training tools and to provide broader knowledge to frontline workers and practitioners working with young people and parents. This called for a second stage of the project.

Hence, BOUNCE (STRESAVIORA II) was launched, running from November 2015 until March 2018 and also funded by the EU and coordinated by the FPS Home Affairs. The project is based on three main objectives:

  • The broad-scale implementation of the developed BOUNCE resilience tools on a local level with a trainer implementation and support system for tailor-made support through Train the Trainer education for trainers working with young people;
  • The development of a resilience trainer network among EU member states, facilitating the exchange of experiences and good practices;
  • The study of the evaluation of short, medium and long term effects of the use of resilience trainings to prevent radicalization leading to violent extremism.

10 cities from 5 EU Member States were selected to serve as pilot cities to implement the BOUNCE resilience tools and to evaluate their impact.

  1. Belgium : Liège & Leuven ;
  2. Germany : Augsburg & Dusseldorf ;
  3. France : Bordeaux & Montreuil ;
  4. The Netherlands : Amsterdam & Groningen ;
  5. Sweden: Malmö & Landskrona.



Funded by the European Commission ISEC programme, the project ‘Strengthening Resilience against Violent Radicalisation (STRESAVIORA)’ has been conducted between January 2013 and January 2015 with a view to developing an early prevention psycho-physical training for (vulnerable) youngsters to strengthen their resilience against radical influences and to raise the awareness of the youngster’s social environment. The project outcome has been the ‘BOUNCE Resilience Tools’.

The BOUNCE training formats are based on scientific research (including interviews with youngsters) elaborating on different ways to enhance the resilience of youngsters against violent radicalisation. You can freely download the research reports on the Download page.

By consulting promising practices on resilience trainings and testing the tools in Belgium and the Netherlands, the tools could take shape and the methods developed have been validated.

BOUNCE is a package of three training and awareness-raising tools for youngsters and their social environment. It is a positive answer to the challenge of preventing violent radicalization in an early stage. The BOUNCE tools are designed as preventive measures when, or even better before concerns about violent radicalisation arise. They provide youngsters and their environment instruments to manage the challenges they come across. The three tools (BOUNCE young,   BOUNCE along and BOUNCE up) are interconnected and complement each other. BOUNCE emancipates youngsters and their network, to become resilient and to interact with an aware environment.

The final results of the research and the training tools have been presented on the EU dissemination conference on 4 December 2014 in Brussels. The topic of strengthening resilience against violent radicalisation has also been discussed on the Policy Planners Network (PPN) meeting on 5 December 2014. Furthermore, on 8 January 2015, a Train-the-Trainer session for trainers from all 28 EU Member States has been organised to disseminate the training tools among European trainers.

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