The main objective of the BOUNCE II project was the implementation and concrete use of the BOUNCE tools at a local level. With the scientific research, the effects of the trainings and implementation in the 10 pilot cities were evaluated. These learning effects from the implementation and the evaluation can now be used to improve the existing practices. Our knowledge and experiences will be shared by means of the Manual on the State of Play of primary prevention trainings in Europe - inventory of good practices in Europe, containing the research findings, experiences of the pilot cities and a selection of European best practices, and through our new BOUNCE website.

The BOUNCE project team has introduced a proposal following the recent European Commission Internal Security Fund call for project proposals to continue to support the newly created European trainers network. If the BOUNCE project is extended, we will be able to respond much more flexibly to future training requests in all of the European Member States. The idea is to continue to support trainers who have already been trained in the BOUNCE tools on the one hand but also to go beyond this by offering trainings for new trainers. On top of that the BOUNCE project team wants to support schools, youth organisations and other structures financially to allow them to organise BOUNCE young and/or along sessions.

A recurring comment during this phase of the project was the lack of the explicit support of the organisations behind the participants and an organizational vision on what to undertake with the newly acquired tool. To address this concern we will organise a kickoff meeting at the start of each training cycle to present the project to decision makers, policy officers and other hierarchical superiors of those interested in following a training in order to establish a sound base from the offset and jointly come up with an implementation action plan for the BOUNCE project. This action plan will determine who will be responsible for the coordination of the established training pool and explore the possible funding opportunities to take the project further. It will also look at how the BOUNCE tool can be integrated in cities’ current prevention policy.

Besides the development of our new website, database and forum, the BOUNCE team plans to expand the online identity of the BOUNCE tools. If the BOUNCE III project is validated by the European Commission, a fourth BOUNCE tool called ‘BOUNCEweb’ will be created in order to give the opportunity to the trainers and youngsters to be trained online. Videos showing how to build BOUNCE sessions will also be downloaded on the website and will help the European pool of trainers to launch their own initiatives.

Last but not least, in order to stimulate the European pool of trainers, annual meetings of European trainers will be organised by the BOUNCE team and will be used to share ideas, concerns and harmonize the practices in Europe.


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