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BOUNCE young is an early prevention programme that aims to strenghthen youngsters' personal resilience, self-awareness and social skills. As a healthy and strong resilience is a proven protective factor in the prevention of violent radicalisation. The focus of BOUNCE, being a primary prevention project, does not merely lie on preventing radicalisation, but on preventing various types of antisocial behaviour.

The outline of the training sessions (each +- 2h) is the following: (1) Who and What; (2) Group work; (3) Talents and strenghts; (4) Standing strong; (5) Staying strong; (6) Can you feel it?; (7) Information and influence; (8) Think about it; (9) Where am I who?; (10) Future-proof.

Resilience is a concept that is being used by more and more preventive programmes to describe an individual's capacity to adapt after difficult situations, cope with changes and be less susceptible for antisocial behaviour. An extension of this logic is that increased resilience can lower one's captivity for violent and radical discourses. Personal resilience is constructed of multiple protective elements, such as self-esteem, optimism, a sense of purpose, social skills and supportive resources. It is a dynamic state, which people develop through interactions with their context. (Van Regenmortel & Peeters, 2010)

In ten (inter)active group trainings, youngsters train and strengthen seven different aspects of their resilience:  (1) self-knowledge, (2) social skills, (3) knowing and understanding others, (4) self-confidence, (5) an open view, (6) making choices and following them, (7) handling diverging situations.

Through a mix of action and reflection, a wide range of skills and competences are strengthened, practiced and linked to their personal experiences. Youngsters learn to bounce back and bounce up when dealing with challenges. In the trainings, youngsters make the link between the work forms and their personal experiences.

BOUNCE is a resilience training through which youngsters develop their own opinion and a positive outlook on life. This is something everyone can benefit from Maarten van de donck - BOUNCE instructor (RadarAdvies NL)

Training outline: each session covers certain aspects of the concept of resilience. The division of days is an indication, it is also possible to spread the training over more days.

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