BOUNCE up (Train-the-Trainer)

BOUNCE up is a train-the-trainer tool for frontline workers. This tool instructs them in working with the BOUNCE young resilience training program and the BOUNCE along awareness-raising tool. Trainers assist youngsters as well as their social environment and set up an integrated and integral approach, tailored to the needs of the target groups.

During the three-day BOUNCE up training, participants do and experience for themselves the exercises and elements of BOUNCE young.  Aside from this, the training provides them with additional theory on prevention, resilience and radicalisation.

The BOUNCE trainings are based on the findings of interviews and scientific research (research reports can be found under 'Downloads'). Also based on the model 'House of Resilience' of the Belgian scholar Jan van Gils, seven elements of resilience have been integrated into the BOUNCE trainings: (1) self-knowledge, (2) social skills, (3) knowing and understanding others, (4) self-confidence, (5) an open view, (6) making choices and following them, (7) handling diverging situations. The elements thus not only reflect coping skills and individual strength, but also aim to increase tolerance and empathy, which are skills in relation to the youngsters' social environment (see page BOUNCE young  for more information).

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