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BOUNCE along is an awareness-raising tool for parents and frontline workers. For things important in life, youngsters express family and friends to be their main resources of support. Others support comes from role models, their culture, religion, school and their teachers, and their free time/hobbies (including the internet). Support sources and coping methods are important factors in the radicalisation process of many (not all). The BOUNCE training therefore wishes to teach youngsters to cope with strains, such as feelings of injustice, while being supported by their social network.

The BOUNCE along tool provides tips, insights and practical exercises for adults in the social environment of youngsters. BOUNCE along treats five topics: ‘a positive point of view’, ‘strengthening resilience’, ‘resilient relations and communication’, ‘concerns and challenging situations’, and ’information and influence’. BOUNCE along focuses on all parents and frontline workers, and can be used in combination with the BOUNCE young resilience training for youngsters.

Following the request from participants, BOUNCE along is currently under review. An updated, much longer version of the tool and training will be piloted in November 2018 and launched for the general public starting January 2019.

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