Heroes - For Gender Equality and Against Oppression in the Name of Honour - Augsburg (Germany)

In Augsburg, more than 40% of the population is from an immigrant background, and the majority of these people come from societies where honour plays an important role. These societies with an “honour culture” are often patriarchal, with an archaic distribution of roles. Women and girls are marked out as victims and weak people, who can be controlled and made to submit through forced marriages. The project’s main objective is to fight against the oppression of women in the name of honour, and to enable non-violent coexistence and gender equality between men from an honour culture and women.

The project aims to teach and reinforce the ideas of tolerance and coexistence, both within and between cultures.

Heroes Team
Berlin, Neukölln - Germany
Target audience:
Only boys
Youngsters aged 12-18
6 to 9 months, weekly meetings included
Group activity
Specific prevention

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