BOUNCE young is a resilience training program for youngsters. A healthy and strong resilience is a proven protective factor in the prevention of violent radicalisation. In ten (inter)active group trainings, youngsters train and strengthen different aspects of their resilience.


BOUNCE along is an awareness-raising tool for parents and frontline workers. The tool provides tips, insights and practical exercises for adults in the social environment of youngsters. It assists them and strengthens their role in the early prevention of violent radicalisation.


BOUNCE up is a train-the-trainer tool for frontline workers. This tool instructs them in working with the BOUNCE young resilience training program and the BOUNCE along awareness-raising tool. By combining both tools, trainers can become an important supporting figure in the early and positive prevention of violent radicalisation.


Upcoming trainings:

BOUNCEup Train-the-Trainer Bruxelles 12-13-14 September 2018 (FR)

BOUNCEup Train-the-Trainer Leuven 1-2-3 October 2018 (NL)

BOUNCEup Train-the-Trainer Bruxelles 10-11-12 October 2018 (FR)

BOUNCEup Train-the-Trainer Gent 26-27-28 November 2018 (NL)



19/06/2018: Publication of article on BOUNCE in the UNICRI magazine Freedom From Fear (F3): p. 162 and next

01/04/2018: Publication of the BOUNCE Manual: State of Play of primary prevention in Europe

28/03/2018: Launch new website

15/03/2018: Proposal for BOUNCE III submitted to the European Commission

13-14/03/2018: BOUNCE Final Conference and Expert Meeting


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